Hip To Be Square

As far as I’m concerned there are only two nice things about the window seats on airplanes:
1) The curved wall of fuselage gives you something of a head rest if you want to [try and] nap.
2) You control the window.

I didn’t partake in any Z-time during my flight to California yesterday, but DID enjoy the view from time to time. First time I ever saw the Grand Canyon!

It was also the first time farming irrigation systems made me wonder about something. As you can see in the photo, we passed over a few such systems within what looked to be arid climate. The irrigated field/crop was round.

crop irrigation

But this article talks about how another industry can become more efficient by switching from round [bottles] to square. Seems like the same could hold true for irrigation. So I have to ask whether square irrigation systems are simply not possible. Do they end up wasting other precious resources (e.g., tractor fuel) to make circular systems ultimately better?