Development and Coincidence: Book Report

As referenced earlier, I thought some of the little book reports I indexed on cards a few years ago might make for an interesting read before I recycle the paper.

This post covers Twin Tracks: The Unexpected Origins of the Modern World, written by James Burke. The index card was dated 11/5/04.

James is the guy from the Connections series, of which I was a huge fan in eighth grade. His ability to link together seemingly unrelated events and details is continued in this book. It’s less of a review of how one discovery led to another which in turn led to another; more of a look at how small or coincidental the world actually can be.

A number of the case studies referred to the same people (Alexander Pope) or the same places (Kit Kat Club), which does remove some of the coincidental tendencies of those cases. But a good, quick read nonetheless.