Super Bowl Advertising A Few Days Later

As proof of the power of the Long Tail, I offer up below a handful of superlatives from the national Super Bowl ad buy, all cataloged courtesy of YouTube.


Most On-Brief

***No, I haven’t seen the creative briefs. But seriously, these seem really on-message for what the briefs must have been.***

Smart usa – Offroading

T-Mobile – We Killed the Long-Term Contract

RadioShack – The Phone Call

Ford Fusion – Nearly Double (I disagree with their comment that the double-ad had never been done before. Roadblocks, anyone? Obama ’08 half-hour adfomercial, anyone? Still, it’s on-brief. And kind of odd. And I’m still thinking about it a few days later, so…)


Pluck Those Heart Strings

Hyundai Genesis – Dad’s Sixth Sense (Yes, this could have been in the on-brief bucket too.)

Duracell – Trust Your Power

Microsoft – Empowering


Just Plain Ol’ Fun

Doritos – Time Machine


And Some Questions

  1. What’s the deal with T-Mobile? One ad (above) in which they talk about saving $ by not going all big celebrity, and then they throw a bunch of Tebow ads at us (this and this)?

  2. The team at Carmichael Lynch Spong analyzed the game’s ad buzz before kickoff even occurred. Begs the questions: Does pregame buzz actually lift during game buzz? Does pregame buzz improve longevity of buzz after the game is over and the stadium lights shut down?

  3. Are ads running after halftime SOL in a blow-out match like the one we suffered through this year? (Especially when multichannel viewers have #manningface and all kinds of other memes—let alone better programs—to enjoy!)

Did any of this year’s spots beat out this beauty for Kia, circa 2012?

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