My Dad: Marketing Trendsetter Well Before Drew Brees

Although the new Vicks VapoRub ad featuring New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees launched back on November 1, the media relations effort seemed to have hit its mark this past week given the blog posts and news articles I came across in my feeds.

I hadn’t seen the ad before reading about them, but the coverage itself did make me pause.

For starters, I’ve had a chest cold for nearly two weeks and the menthol in the cough drops just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Just from the standpoint of product benefits, a VapoRub does seem to be something that might help me sleep.

Also, the coverage I saw–including this article in the New York Times–built a story out of the celebrity aspect of the ad.

More specifically, the story revolved around how this Procter & Gamble brand was evolving to feature the man’s role in taking care of the sick child’s needs–a major change for a brand that, since it began advertising, had focused on the woman’s role instead.

That made me pause not because of my current cold, but rather the ones I remember having as a child. Why? Because my experience with Vicks VapoRub was, more often than not, connected to my dad gooping me up with the salve, instead of my mom.

That and a strong smell that invariably cleared out my nostrils and made it easier for me to breathe. Messy, but effective.

A winning combination even though my dad is not a star quarterback like Drew Brees. Just a celebrity within our family!


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