Wet Feet, Hot Beaches In Minneapolis

Ever since Catherine headed back to school, we’ve had to cut back on a few of those things the two of us used to enjoy. This summer, though, the biggest cutback has been time spent together. With kids by day and two full classes by night, it doesn’t leave us as much time to get out and explore our state like we had grown accustomed to doing.

This weekend it’s time to study up for finals week. As Catherine hunkers down with the books, the kids and I are trying to stay busy. Today, for the second week in a row, we worked on rediscovering one of my old haunts: Lake Harriet.

A lake where I used to ice skate, train for a marathon and a tri, and listen to gigs at the Bandshell. A lake that, in the eight years since moving eastward and southward–out of Uptown–I really hadn’t spent much time enjoying since.

Look how clean that water is. In a city lake, to still see your feet even as you get deeper and deeper, is unfathomable. Fresh, cold and clean water. Soft sand beaches. Gentle breeze.

Happy summer!

(Catherine: Looking forward to having you join us when your summer starts after this week!)


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