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As promised in a recent post I had a third write-up to offer from last week’s trip. Like that second post, this one’s also about mobile tagging. Unlike that second post, this one has a positive spin to it.

When I go to client meetings I always make it a point to bring my business cards. It’s just one of those things I was trained to do when I first started in this business. And yes, I used to collect my dad’s business cards when I was a kid so maybe there’s a bit of nostalgia in me to carrying my own around.

It probably isn’t very Mr. Interactive of me, given the means we have nowadays of sharing our contact credentials (see, for instance, the iPhone and Android Bump apps). It’s also not very Mr. Sustainability of me, but I digress.

At some point on the plane ride out to Philadephia my cards must have fallen out of my bag. Because during the first wave of meet-and-greet introductions when I reached in, they were no longer there.

Something similar had happened to my coworkers during Planningness last month and so the solution they used was top-of-mind: A QR Code of my social profile. I think I used the Zebra Crossing site and it worked fine given the circumstances, with a code generated off my LinkedIn profile. The code image screen grab saved to my phone’s photo album was then flashed to folks in the room during the rest of the meet-and-greets.

If I were to find myself in a similar situation again, I’d probably follow in Chris Brogan’s footsteps and go with Pingtags if for no other reason than because they also tie in with LinkedIn while offering a better mobile phone interface.

What’s your business card protocol?


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