Painting Bike Month

As May is about to wind down, it’s about time this blog published a post about National Bike Month. Because, well, May was National Bike Month.

Were you aware of it? Plenty of organizations did something about it, beginning with the League of American Bicyclists and including my employer.

Thankfully, the City of Minneapolis has also been doing something about it.

Here you see what I think are the finishing touches on “our” stretch of the Riverlake Greenway they installed at the end of last year. Now it’s striped where appropriate and road-stamped all along the route.

It’s been awesome seeing an increase in riders from our dining room window the past few weeks. I’m a firm believer that the striping–and the Greenway itself–has contributed. Hopefully National Bike Month did too.



One thought on “Painting Bike Month

  1. My organization has been a big promoter of National Bike Month and bicycling in general! We hosted a Bike to Work Week Event (as an add on to the much hyped Bike to Work Day put on by our regional Bicyclist Advocacy Organization). We’re also hosting the annual fundraiser for that same organization ( On the home neighborhood front, I’m also pushing for expanded bicycle racks at our farmers market, additional bicycle lanes/sharrows on natural routes (i.e., those that lots of cyclists already take) and just had what appears to be a successful effort to add a Bikeshare station! Sweet!

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