Independence Hall is not in North Dakota

This is a post about interactive strategy. But it’s also a post about media planning.

I had to fly to Philadelphia for business this week. Having printed my boarding pass at home and then standing in the security line, I spent some downtime with the pass, shuffling my luggage ever closer to the x-ray machines.

US Air Boarding Pass

It was then that I noticed the little ad for Independence Hall, which had presumably been automatically added to the white space on my pass because I was headed to Philly.

Whether this ad was placed here by the group responsible for driving tourism dollars into Philadelphia, or whether it came from a third party like Sojern, the placement was a great example of smart interactive strategy because of my destination.

But what about that other tourism ad for North Dakota? Why would ND’s marketing organization want to reach out to me just as I was leaving that part of the country? To assume I was on the outbound leg of a round trip journey had a 50% chance of accuracy. Interactive strategy in this case was also 50% right: Definitely smart to be present on a boarding pass. But without a relevant city or state as the flight’s destination, the strategy was also 50% off.

Also worth noting was the size of the ads. From a media planning standpoint, probably better to have the larger ad space taken by messaging that promotes the destination rather than the area being left behind per the flight itinerary. (In that regard, the Minneapolis Park ‘N Fly ad was spot-on. Remember this was a boarding pass printed at home.)

What curiosities do you see printed on your boarding passes?

DISCLOSURE: I count among my clients Explore Minnesota Tourism. I have not been asked to write this post by my client or my employer. Nor does my client impact what has been written here.


2 thoughts on “Independence Hall is not in North Dakota

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