Robots Do Not Smile

Two days of high temps and humidity, and some of us are already longing for the season just passed. I’m not going that far yet, but it’ll be too bad if spring forsakes us in favor of an early summer.

Either way, the seasonal change made me want to dust off my old Colle+McVoy ¡Futurismos! team soccer jersey for work today.

It’s the first time Amelia had ever seen it–or the first time she remembered it anyway. She LOVES stickers so the team insignia patch drew automatic interest.

Through the eyes of my daughter I learned something about robots. Or myself.

D: “Amelia, who is that on my shirt?”
A: “You, Daddy!”
D: “Why do you think that’s me?”
A: “Because it isn’t smiling.”

Point taken: There will be much smiling on my face this afternoon. Half-day at the office this morning = time with the kids this afternoon.


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