Autism In Art

Have been mulling over Jackson’s dresser drawer barriers since my post last week. What must it be like to not be certain about those things the rest of us (better said: the neurotypicals) simply take for granted? What if you couldn’t be sure that the refrigerator was where cold milk was supposed to be stored? What if you needed extra help remembering that wool socks belong on your feet rather than serving as thumbless mittens?

Just a surface-scratching of what someone on the spectrum might be challenged to overcome on a daily basis.

It makes me think of a famous piece of artwork: “This is not a pipe,” by Rene Magritte.

(Creative Commons:
That image is CLEARLY a pipe. But it is not a pipe. An image is nothing more than that. Right?

For someone on the spectrum, the alternative title for the Magritte piece may serve as a better descriptor: “The Treachery of Images.”


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