Happy Dog Household

I’m a believer in things happening for a reason. A few years ago when Catherine and I were on the highway headed to pick up the cocker spaniel we were hoping to save from a dog rescue organization, they called us with the news that someone had literally just picked her up. (We ended up switching pet desires and went back to getting another cat.)

Then two weeks ago when a coworker brought a Vizsla/Retriever mix in to the office my heart melted. On a whim I MMS’d a photo to Catherine and before we knew it, found ourselves trying for a dog again after not really having entertained the idea since the spaniel attempt. Turned out we didn’t get Sander, though, for much the same reason as the spaniel.

But third time’s a charm. And judging by how GREAT a pet Daisy is, this all really DID happen this way for a reason. Full details on Catherine’s blog post here.


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