Brands On Facebook

Half of the family was able to enjoy some bona fide deep dish pizza last weekend in Chicago while the rest of us made do with Domino’s. I’m sure the ChiTown ‘za was better than Domino’s. And, if you read this post you might be interested to know The Hut was better than Domino’s too.

In any event, we decided to try some local deep dish all together this weekend and ended up in a booth at Green Mill. What with the garlic bread appetizers and the really deep deep dish pie they served up–and the two squirrely children we brought with us–we ended up bringing a lot of food home.

It’s the box they gave us that serves as the inspiration for this post. Have a look at how they serve up the benefits of following them on Facebook: “…deals, exclusive offers and fun…”

Looks like someone in Green Mill’s marketing department–or at their agency–has been paying attention to social media 101 with an eye to their consumers.

All too often marketers–client- or agency-side–cue up Facebook marketing as a way to engage audiences. That makes sense if you have an audience that wants you to engage with it. But if you happen to be one of the approximately nine brands that the average fan has decided to “like” on Facebook, then engagement shouldn’t be leading with warm and fuzzy fun or discourse.

Your audience is following you because it wants something specific from you:

  • 40% of people follow brands for discounts and promotions
  • 36% of people do so for freebies

The fuzzier marketers will be promptly unfriended by the above thirty-six to forty percent because only 29% seek fun and entertainment. A much smaller population (13%) want to interact, whatever that means.

So to Green Mill I say: Congratulations on getting it right on Facebook.

Also: Thank you for the awesome family pizza night!

Stats according to Subscribers, Fans & Followers, published last year by ExactTarget and CoTweet.


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