Eating Insects: When It Does Not Taste Like Chicken

Shoveling snow can be therapeutic. It’s an obvious form of physical exercise. It can also afford some level of emotional release. For me, it’s a time to reflect on things back inside the house or at the office.

And just as is the case when I’m using the push reel mower in summer, it’s a great time for catching up on podcasts. I listened to one last week by Marcel Dicke. It was a short TedTalk on the culinary role insects play in a vast majority of countries (excluding the US). Some of the statistics were astounding.

That podcast was on my mind over dinner in Cancún this weekend, and ultimately convinced me to try something I’d never eaten before: grasshoppers. I would eat them again if the seasoning was different. And I would probably continue on to explore some of the other critters Marcel included in his video. But I won’t lie: it was an experience I definitely wasn’t used to.

And grasshoppers do NOT taste like chicken.


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