What eMarketer Didn’t Do With My Keys

Today was pretty much bookended by very similar activities, except one found me in a conference room while the other saw me under couch cushions and bare-handing fistfuls of fresh snow. In both cases we were looking for something.

Earlier today my department had the opportunity to be walked through a number of new features and tools by our sales rep at eMarketer. Truthfully put, a lot of the features weren’t really new, but rather of the sort for which we had never specifically looked. Or if we had, we had simply never found them.

Fast forward a few hours later in the day when I picked up this last minute text from Catherine, who was trying to get the kids out the door for school: “Do you know where my house/car keys are?” Well. I think they were either in the pocket of my jeans that lay crumpled on the bedroom floor, fallen behind the cushion of our living room comfy chair, or hidden within one of the many snowbanks I had been shoveling and clearing late the night before.

The keys were definitely NOT filed away in any of the “new” alert folder features outlined by eMarketer in the call earlier today. Instead they were pocketed away in their own special [and luckily for us, safe] place. We located them a few hours later in the afternoon.

At work or at home, the lesson I will hope to retain is that everything is usually where it needs to be. One just needs to know where to look.


One thought on “What eMarketer Didn’t Do With My Keys

  1. Like safely looked away in the back of Dad’s car while we walk through Tyler Mill to get home and retrieve a spare!

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