I Wanted Mine Well Done

There’s always buzz in the media about meat-eating, vegetarian menus, and some derivatives (e.g., the locavore movement, raw food diets, the choice to go vegan, etc.). Here’s a post that covers an angle on the whole meat-eating meme, for instance. Key message: Humanity needed to consume meat to evolve.

I post this not to join in on one side or the other–remember my wife is vegetarian–but instead to serve as a lead-in for the coming autumn. I grilled last weekend in the cool temps up on the North Shore. Our neighbors grilled last night. I sense a coming change in cooking habits.

We had reduced the amount of time spent with propane or wood charcoal the past few summers because of the kids. Early on it was that pregnancy warning on the charcoal bags. Then it was the concern that the kids were too young or rambunctious for me to just focus on the fire. While they’re still plenty rowdy outside especially with a fire going, they’re now old enough to know better when they see the grill out and Daddy crouched low fostering something out of the kindling. And so we’ve spent more time cooking outside: veggies, veggie burgers, sausages and brats. But it’s time to ramp up.

Except, especially on the charcoal grill, I’ve noticed that I have a problem: fear of food poisoning. I never had this before but I think I’m worried that if I don’t cook the meat–REALLY cook it–my kids will get sick. So I make sure the brats are done. To the detriment of flavor, unfortunately.

Something for me to work on: time to evolve.

Flickr Photo by Anders Adermark.


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