Have Car, Will Travel

For something like three years my wife and I have been part of a one car family. We had purchased a new family car in 2005 as part of our “nesting” phase before Jackson was born–it replaced Catherine’s old Honda. The car I’d brought in to our marriage ended up being our emergency vehicle, but was rarely used because: A) The new car drove like a charm, B) I commuted to work downtown via bus, and C) Catherine prefers to drive automatic.

So one spring we decided that someone else would appreciate the old car more than our neighbors would, having to see it parked out in front of the house all the time. And away the car went.

Life in a one-car family has been great for us financially, given the costs of insurance and vehicle depreciation. Plus the lure of a second gas-guzzling mode of transit. And although MetroTransit isn’t exactly a dream of a mass transit system (i.e., it could do with more frequent buses and more dependable schedules especially on weekends), it works perfectly for weekday commutes. Especially our shiny new–not really but it is still the only rails I’ve ridden for my commutes–LRT line.

Since the spring this year, though, our one-car system has started to present some difficulty. My new position at Colle+McVoy meant I was predominantly working with clients who are based here in the Twin Cities–but out beyond Minneapolis City Limits. Jackson’s school schedule–and our plans for things to do with Amelia during school–meant we needed more flexibility.

A second car was out of the question for the same reasons that drove us to sell #2 back in 2007. While I would have LOVED to get a little Vespa to bring back some personal travel flexibility, it would not have worked for us come the winter months. And so this morning I signed up for hourcar.

I’ll be blogging on the experience as it unfolds further.


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