Like Father, Kind Of…

Growing up, my dad was always the first one up in our home. By the time my brother and I managed to pull ourselves out of bed and down to the kitchen for breakfast, he’d be more or less done with his. But he’d still be sitting there at the table reading. If it was a weekday it was usually the newspaper. On weekends it was The Economist, Newsweek or US News & World Report. Regardless of the day or the medium, when Dad was reading it was difficult to get through to him. The man was–and still is–engrossed in his literature.

I was the same way mornings before heading to work. Until my iPhone showed up. Since then–and with increasing frequency–I’m more liable to be reading blog and online news coverage in the morning instead of traditional print.

Right or wrong, I never felt guilty about reading the paper or magazines with my family around. But there’s something different about having my nose glued to a screen instead of paper-and-ink.

According to a study referenced in this article, which speaks to frequency of use of different morning-time media, I might not be the only one who is perhaps pondering this difference in media use.

On this particular morning, the irony is that I’m not reading but instead blogging.


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