Grandma’s Stove

I once read that Deja Vu is less about being able to predict the future and more about reliving elements from your past. Those times when you’re doing or experiencing something and your brain registers that sense of Deja Vu are less examples of your body catching up to where your brain predicted it would go, and more of your brain reminding your body of the last time you were in similar circumstances.

The circumstances similar to this wood stove, the smell of burning wood, the heat and crackle of combustion; they all take me back to my grandma’s: Omi England.

Catherine didn’t understand when I mentioned this, because by the time she met my Grandma the stove had been replaced with a gas fireplace. The warmth was there but few of the other elements to trigger memory markers.

But here at Nature’s Nest Farm at this overnight cabin, the match is almost perfect.

The next step would have been to stand up and leave the living room briefly at Grandpa’s request. Head through the kitchen with the broad copper bucket, open the door and head across the hallway–which was actually outside but sheltered underneath corrugated plexiglass–over to the green sliding door. Push the door across, enter the workshed and turn right.

Here’s the spot: the coal shed. A place with as distinct a memory marker as Grandma’s stove. A place I come back to infrequently, but often enough to feel like I’m back at home.


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