Planting More Than A Seed

Yesterday saw us finally planting an evergreen in our front yard. We’d tried a few years ago to convince a sapling to “take” but it didn’t last. This time around, we opted for a more developed tree from the Tree Trust in collaboration with the city.

This tree is something we’ve both wanted for a long while: We both like evergreens. Catherine because it reminds her of her time living in northern California. Me because it reminds me of my three years in Maine. So hopefully this time our little one will flourish and come to outlive the both of us. (I mean that in a good way.)

That was the goal. So when Catherine called me at work today to ask me about the root system and whether it was supposed to be popping out of the ground more than the prescribed few inches, I knew I had just been plain old lazy yesterday. After three attempts at inserting the thing into the ground yesterday and not getting it straight up, I was just plain happy to achieve a vertical regardless of root exposure.

As I was digging the tree out tonight to replant it. Again. The right way. A thought popped in to my head. Something from Boy Scout camp circa 1991: “If you’re going to do something, take the extra time required to do it right. Sometimes, you’ll find that it doesn’t end up taking extra time after all. Especially when you consider the alternatives.”

Grow little tree, grow!


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