Sit Back, [Do Not] Relax, [Do Not] Enjoy The Flight

On a flight back home from St. Louis yesterday afternoon I finally saw something I only imagined actually happening in movie scripts: a passenger altercation about a reclined seat.

My seatmate had mistaken my aisle seat for her own before I boarded and so was likely a little prickly even before the man in front of her reclined his seat down. If only he’d known…

Seatmate was busy with USAToday but was not practicing the unique New York City subway commuter newspaper fold, which makes papers a LOT more manageable especially in tight spaces.

So when the Recliner activates his seat he was rewarded with some page corners about the oil spill. The tension rose after Seatmate told him he wouldn’t have to worry about the problem if his seat was in its upright position.

It rose again when it became clear the man didn’t hear her and was more frustrated when he realized the oil spill (ahem, I mean the paper) was not going away. When he turned around a second time to ask Seatmate–more directly–to move the paper, and she pretended not to hear him, the Biblical phrases started to fly.

What would have happened if the flight attendant’s cart hadn’t magically arrived right at that moment with bliss-inducing Coca-Cola beverages? I’m not sure. But what I DO know is that I don’t blame Seatmate one bit. Granted, I would have been more polite with the Recliner. But the extra few inches those reclining airplane seats give to recliners more than take away from those seated behind them. They’re a joke and should all be locked upright.


One thought on “Sit Back, [Do Not] Relax, [Do Not] Enjoy The Flight

  1. Agreed. Either we should all recline or all not. And you can’t eat or open your laptop when the seat in front of you is reclined. Of, course, only first class is eating so … 🙂

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