Clementines & Trojans. Facebook & Tylenol

Every so often branding magic happens. It’s when two different brands realize they both could benefit from a mutual partnership. Like the clown fish and coral. Or algae and lichen. Or Clementines and Trojans.

Here’s another. Facebook announced this week that they were going to be making yet another tweak to their user experience: how Facebook users flag that they support a fan page on their network. No more “fanning” of pages. Now users will simply click “like”.

It’s a simple enough concept. I think it’s a step closer to Facebook’s goal of letting users “like” content on the Internet in general–taking over from bookmarking services like Digg or de.lici.ous, essentially.

Simple or not, users are going to get pissed. And there will be an uproar. “Bring back the old Fan Page” fan pages are sure to be launched.

Enter: Tylenol. For when you have a headache that just won’t go away.


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