Going for More than the Win

It’s easy to shrug about Kit Kat’s hyperlocal marketing effort in Japan, covered most recently here by Ad Age.

We don’t live in Japan. And a bunch of people wouldn’t shake a stick at soy sauce flavored versions of the chocolate wafer bars which they know and love.
But stop before you shrug:

  1. Bad world economy negatively impacts those of us with a travel bug.
  2. It is when the expected become unexpected that talk value (i.e., word of mouth) is generated. Especially with social media.
  3. Kit Kat in Japan has an established relationship with the post office.

What if Japan’s version of Kit Kat was available globally? Yes, still in the limited quantities established by the Japanese marketing programs. But with broader distribution made possible in part with the help of the post office with which it has already developed a partnership.

Kitto Katsu – A sure win indeed.


One thought on “Going for More than the Win

  1. Maybe if it wasn’t actually labeled a Kit Kat, we wouldn’t have the preconceived notion of what it should taste like. Perhaps a blind taste test would be a better determiner as to whether other nations’ consumers would purchase/eat.

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