Olympics 2010 – Day 16

Every now and again world events have a knack for snapping stories into perspective. There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance today, February 28, the 17th and final day of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Huge US vs. Canada men’s hockey game. Closing ceremonies. Etc.

But since I’ve been posting one day behind since the opening ceremonies, my head is still stuck on Saturday the 27th. A lot of final rounds in Vancouver yesterday too. But there was also a huge earthquake in Chile.

1 Earthquake + 16 Aftershocks

This map from the British Geological Survey Seismology Home Page actually shows that the initial 8.8 quake was followed by a lot of aftershocks–each one a sizable earthquake in its own right.

So I highly doubt that some Chileans are as tuned in to what’s happening on the snowy slopes of Whistler, say, as they are to sourcing their next meal. This AP Photo from Roberto Candia certainly stands in stark contrast to what we’ll be seeing coming out of the Games in the closing hours.

Earthquake Impacted Hashtag Activity

Which, in the end, is why I bore some hope looking through the top hashtags associated with Saturday’s Olympic tweets:

#terremotochile, #tsunami, #chile and #hawaii all rightfully deserved to trend for my Team USA search query in Squawq.


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