Olympics 2010 – Week 2

Yesterday closed out the second full week of Olympic action, and tweets about the Games just keep on building, with three times as many tweets (308,903) in Week 2 versus Week 1 (102,462).*

Tweets During First Two Weeks

As you can see, the busiest day for the Twitterati was Wednesday, February 24th. Based on the keywords and hashtags, two quarterfinal hockey games that day drove the surge: Canada vs. Russia and US vs. Switzerland.

Keyword Cloud for Team USA

Indeed, when sifting through tweets that reference Team USA, it’s actually “Canada” that pops up most as a keyword, followed immediately by “hockey.”

*Please keep in mind the weekly tweet tallies are based on the few search terms I’ve been running in Squawq. I completely acknowledge that these tallies are probably a drop in the bucket compared to the actual tweet counts, which were likely much higher. But, as my dad is fond of saying, “This is good enough for a couple o’ lads.” (One lad, in this case: me.)


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