2010 Olympics – Day 13

Since I work in advertising, it was only a matter of time before I submitted at least one post strictly about the ads of these Winter Olympics.

But since some of us still haven’t gotten over the Super Bowl advertising water cooler talk–be that water cooler actual or virtual–I’ll spare us all any pontification about the ads themselves. Instead, I’ll link to one very positive post from AdWeek‘s Barbara Lippert, who gave a very positive review to AT&T’s Shot Into Orbit brand spot. (OK I lied about the pontification. Whenever I hear that song I can’t help but think Trainspotting.) And then there’s today’s article by Stuart Elliott from the New York Times. (Again, my two cents: the notion of “instant spots,” like this one from Visa, is empowering for me as an ad guy.)

If there are ads you’ve seen which really excite you, the Good Brand Bad Brand blog is collecting user submissions for a vote. On a related note, this Flickr group is crowdsourcing Olympics ads right from the ground in Vancouver. (Again, as an ad guy, that’s an empowering notion with a social media twist.)


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