2010 Olympics – Day 11

Updating from the road today, so this post comes sans bells or whistles.

My post on Day 6 of the Olympics touched upon the confusion that surveyed viewers expressed when asked to identify the Olympic sponsor/partner brands from those brands which–as some marketers call it–are “ambushing” to take advantage of other brands’ Olympic marketing investment (the pun works, BTW).

Today AdWeek posted the results of another sponsorship-oriented survey conducted among consumers. The survey results indicate that almost three-quarters of respondents are not influenced by a brand’s sponsorship of the Games. AdWeek does end on the warning note that what people say in a survey isn’t necessarily how they behave in an uncontrolled environment.

For me this survey raises two questions:
1) Why invest as a sponsor?
2) Do these results render the other survey findings from Day 6 moot?


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