2010 Olympics – Day 10

I love football. American rules football is great. But by “football” what I really mean is soccer. It’s a fun game to watch. Even more fun to play. (Yes, I still think so after scoring an “own goal” back in 6th grade. Yes, that still haunts me to this day.) Unfortunately I’m not in the same shape I used to be. So, sadly, to get my football kicks I recently dipped back in to video gaming. Courtesy of the FIFA soccer game app for the iPhone, I can get back to doing all those stylish moves I dreamed of even back when I played. (Look, I never said I was a good footballer, OK?)

This all leads me to the games of the Games. The Olympics Facebook fan page lets visitors play some video games out on the slopes. The Vancouver 2010 Official Minigame lets you compete against other players and post your scores. In true social networking fashion, you can also share your results with your network of friends.

That’s a bit of a miss with NBC’s offering. Their You Be The Judge application lets you score figure skater performances and then compare your scores to those of the real ice skating judges. (And maybe see if you can pull some sketchy numbers the way that one judge did at Torino four years ago.) If I was in to figure skating I bet this would be a fun little personal test. But what about that miss already alluded to? The scores you submit to the NBC site end up displaying on the site, but only you get to see how you scored the athletes. Had it taken a page from its gaming “competitor” over at the Olympics Facebook page, it would have let you tout “your” scores to your friends on Facebook and even post them to the You Be The Judge site scoresheet. Again, if I was in to figure skating, I’d like to know how accurate my supposed judging prowess might be when compared to the pros; and whether my scoring was more accurate than what my network was able to pull together.


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