2010 Olympics – Week 1

Tweet Volume During First Week Of Olympics

Like the snow-capped mountains surrounding Vancouver, the first week’s worth of tweets from the Olympics had their ups and downs. A few comments coming out of the first seven days of this little project:

  • I don’t read The Rash Report so a media planner would probably be able to speak to this much better using Nielsen data about day-to-day changes in the viewership of Olympic broadcasts. But without that data, I always thought the opening ceremony would drive all Olympics fans to the tube regardless of whether they were hockey fans, biathletes, speedskaters, etc. Then once individual sports were underway, the fans would disperse into their own various camps. That sort of crowding is not evidenced in the Twitter activity, as you can see by the steady growth in Olympic tweets from Day 1 (February 12) on.
  • Networks CTV and NBC were the only brands to show up in the most popular tags, according to the Squawq Twitter analysis tool.
  • “Curling,” “hockey” and “skating” were the most common sports referenced in the keywords pull, although “olympics” was the clear top keyword.
  • Only one athlete popped in the keyword search: Shaun White.

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