2010 Winter Olympics – Day 3

Remember the preliminary Squawq report for the Olympic Valentines Day, teased about in yesterday’s post? Jackpot. Twitter activity on the hashtagged terms jumped from 1,377 tweets Saturday to a whopping 25,805 on Sunday–that’s an increase of 1,774%! (See the previous posts about Olympic Squawqing for more details.)

For the first time in three days, individual sports started popping up in the keyword searches–specifically luge, hockey, biathlon and skating.

And, Google should be pleased. Of the 30% of the tracked tweets containing links, the brand’s content was the most-linked. (Granted, this only amounted to just under 2% of all link-containing tweets, but still…it’s another awesome tribute to Google logo art.)

Google Search Logo: Olympics Day 3

Google Logo On Day Three

Note: One point of interest is that Google is not showing up in Squawq keyword or #tag searches. Takeaway: You can be popular and drive discussion in the Twittersphere without necessarily driving brand name recognition in a copy format outright.


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