2010 Winter Olympics – Day 2

A lot happened in Vancouver yesterday. Not the least of which was the first batch of medals to be awarded to athletes from Team USA. Athletes competed in biathlon, freestyle skiing, short track, alpine skiing, luge, ski jumping and speed skating on Saturday. So there was plenty going on. And yet, if you based an Olympic Action Assessment on Twitter activity alone, you’d think Apolo Anton Ohno and friends had taken the day off.

Tweets per day on Day Two

Tweet Volume On Day 2

By tracking a set of relevant hashtags (“#van2010″ OR “#vancouver2010″ OR “#vancouver” OR “#olympics”) on Squawq, I can report a 73% drop in Tweets on the second day of the Games.

(Prelim reports for Sunday look to be picking up considerably. More on that after the races are finished and the day is officially over.)

Just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it, I checked NBC’s online coverage of Vancouver and found a photo gallery. There were indeed some goings-on based on the highlights from Day 2.

(Blog post on Day 1 Squawqing from the Olympics here.)


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