2010 Winter Olympics – Day 1

In the days leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver there has been a lot of press about social media–enough so that I’d say the IOC is taking social media to Olympic proportions. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) For the briefest summary of all the goods, see this article in the New York Times. And since there always seems to be a cloud of confusion surrounding anything having to do with social media, I also point to this bit from CNN, describing how some of the tweeting athletes promoted by the NBC efforts mentioned in the NYT article are so confused that they’re simply not tweeting during the Games. <sigh>

With all the commotion, I wondered what the Twittersphere might be saying about the Olympics on Day 1. Although today marks the official first day, there were a few sports that saw competition on Friday. In addition to the many training events that took place yesterday–plus the sad events on the luge course–there was of course also the official opening ceremony.

By using Squawq to get a pulse of that first day (Friday, February 12), I feel like I can make a few initial generalizations of the 5,000+ tweets that referenced the Olympics.  (I am tracking “#van2010” OR “#vancouver2010” OR “#vancouver” OR “#olympics” in the Twitter Squawq tool.)

Twitter Keywords

Keywords On Day One

  1. Watching the opening ceremony was a big deal. Along with the festivity itself, Canada and the Torch received all the love.
  2. No individual Olympic sport mattered to the Twittersphere on Day 1. The sole exception being the luge, due to the tragic death of Nodar Kumaritashvili.
  3. If we agree to exclude “gimmes” like Vancouver, Canada and the Olympics, there weren’t too many brands to have benefited from their involvement with the Games, judging from Twitter tagging activity. The few and the proud? CTV Television Network, NHL (the National Hockey League, eh) and NBC.
  4. There’s been a lot of buzz about the 1985 hit song We Are the World, thanks to the remake launched January 12th as part of the Haitian earthquake relief effort. Note that it doesn’t show up at all in the keywords or tags associated with the Olympics. And yet, per a Squawq search run by @CraigPladson, it’s the top link being tweeted during the Games so far. Perhaps a potential #fail by marketers not to have tagged it for the #olympics.

Top Tags On Day One

(Disclosure: Squawq is awesome. It was developed by a team of my coworkers at Colle+McVoy.)


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