Touchscreen Dashboards?

Do you talk while driving? How about on a mobile phone? What about texting? Until a few months ago: guilty as charged. Then I saw this PSA from the Gwent Police Department in Wales. Even when I was younger, and therefore invincible, the graphic nature of this video would have stopped me dead in my tracks. (In the good sense of the phrase.)

So what to make of the news from Ford Motor Company, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, about updates to their popular Sync in-car technology? I can’t help but think that turning cars into mobile wifi hot spots is just plain awesome. And the built-in safeguards–like shutting wifi down when the car is not in park–make sense. But is it too tempting? In a world where iPhones are easily unlocked for better access from other carriers, what’s to stop intrepid drivers from trying to get to the grocery store while also racing their Gran Turismo Corvettes?


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