Settling Catan

If you have any skeptical bones in your body then you probably look carefully at “new” products that come to market in the form of extensions, updates, etc. of products that were already available.

Trust me. I’m the same way. But since I work in marketing I should know better: Good, trusted brands make sure their updates always come with changes that really do serve to differentiate and warrant the phrase “update.” If they don’t, there’s almost always hell to pay with consumer groups (existing and prospective fans) and internal parties (not the least of which is a legal department).

The Settlers of Catan Card Game is a great example of one product extension that really was an extension of an existing brand and product line. It was published in late 1996 as an alternative form of the successful Settlers of Catan board game launched the previous year.

Board game to card game. Pretty easy to understand the difference.

But this post on the Catanism blog sheds some additional light on the card game as offering fans a means of digging deeper into the world of Catan at more of a micro level–especially when compared to the macro world of the Catan board game.

More than just playing Catan at the level of cities, settlements and streets, the card game extension let’s you see what happens within sections of the cities, what business [and more] might take place in any corner of the settlements, and who might be waiting for you out there on the streets.


Expand via city or new settlement?

A deeper exploration of the world of Catan. I never would have thought of the card game in this light without reading this string of blog posts from the game’s founder. And now I love the franchise even more!


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