A Note On Weddings

Bumped into an interesting article about weddings today that made me think about my own six years ago. And about how lucky I am to have found someone who thinks just like I do. (And that I’m even luckier she still thinks I’m as worthwhile as she thought I was when we met!)

In any event, the gyst of the article was that people being wed these days are still approaching their special day with a close eye to the financials–with more than two-thirds of the brides polled spending less on their wedding because of the economy. Here’s the part that had me floored: 31-54% of brides are planning an event that will cost them $10,000-$25,000, with 22% planning for more than $50,000 in expenses. Wow. That’s for one small part of their entire lives. Yes, it’s a memory-making occasion. Yes, it’s a transition point in our lives. And yes, I still think about my own wedding a lot.

But count me among the 19% who wanted to experience that event and still be able to pay off the plastic as soon as they could–sadly, that figure was much higher last year, 77%, during the worst part of the economic crisis. (You can also count me among the nearly half of those polled who wanted an eco-conscious event.)

In case you’re wondering, we nearly made it into the camp of those spending less than $10,000 when we got hitched–who according to the article amounted to 30%. We were pleased at the time, since it was fully two-thirds less than the average cost of weddings at the time.


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